Thursday, 24 August 2017

"Write On" is a six part series featuring contemporary writers

"Write On" is a six-part series featuring contemporary writers from all aspects of the creative industries. From police procedural thrillers by international crime author Mari Hannah through to the horror novels of Stephen Laws, professional authors explain aspects of their craft.

Award winning screenwriters Martin Herron and Gavin Williams give practical advice on writing for the cinema, whilst Journalist and author Phil Penfold talks of his career writing as a  movie/theatre critic, giving his own unique insight  into some household showbiz names.

If you've ever thought of being a film writer then filmmaker/ director Andy Mark Simpson explains how you too could make your movie, taking you through making short films to writing and producing your very own feature on a micro budget.

If you're interested in writing and writers, want tips to improve your writing, or have ever dreamt of making a career in the industry then these are the must-see documentaries.

"Write On" launches on 3rd September 2017 with award winning international crime writer Mari Hannah whose novel The Murder Wall is currently in pre-production with Sprout Pictures.
“Write On” is available on the Made In Tyne and Wear channel but is soon to be available nationwide throughout the UK.
Watch on Sky, Virgin Media or Freeview or view live on line by visiting

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