Monday, 14 March 2011

More on Structure and Motivation.

The 'journey' I used to have, until recently, during my unstructured writing days, which I firmly believed was an exciting mystery trip has not been lost. It has been enhanced by the use of my beat sheet and story board. 
I said all this already, in my previous post on this subject. However, I feel I must update my blog now that I am a little further down the line with my new project "Midnight at the Alhambra".

The feeling of waking up in the morning wandering what is going to happen next? in my story is stronger still. Why? Because I can see my scenes at a glance. Answers to what happens next are more evident now I do not have to backtrack though huge clumps of text. My creative momentum is maintained and does not drift off into limbo for days on end like it used to.

I have rewritten my beat sheet since the earlier post. Its no big deal. The beat sheet totals 6 pages, and yet it is the whole story for a 90 minute feature. The index cards are in place...all forty of them each representing a scene. If the scene does not arc and there is no emotional change then the scene will be taken out because there is no point to it. 

My characters are now clearly defined. I feel like a concert pianist having shuffled my sheet music, I am poised at the keyboard ready to play my heart out.


Wish me luck x

Tuesday, 1 March 2011