Saturday, 11 June 2011

Two rejections in one week.

Ushabti came back from an agent this week and Fairfax came back from the Beeb. I did however receive positive feedback and really useful criticism from both the agent and the BBC, so I'm not unhappy at all.

I'm going to adapt Ushabti for the theatre. One director has already seen the script and thinks it would work on the stage. It will mean my script will have a number 1 haircut, so that I would only need one set and three actors. I want to adapt Henley's Ricotta as a stage play too and again that would be one set and three actors.

Fairfax, also needs a rewrite, perhaps a little less clichéd and exposition, but I still maintain it would be best as a radio play. I will have a look what's going out on Radio 7 and find producers to target.

Midnight is just a project which will have to go on the back burner for now. With the feedback I have been given, I would be foolish not to put it to  good use.

Thank you Blogger for the new mobile phone widget. My site looks really neat on my phone now that it fits perfectly.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Writers Need Readers.

I took Midnight to my screenwriter's group and received some useful feedback. As always I have got carried away with my dialogue. Too much and too long and maybe at times just a little too much exposition. Action was a little too long and failed to reflect the alien Texan environment through the eyes of my young English-man from the West Midlands.
I was asked if I wanted to put Americans in a bad light. Nothing could be further than the truth. Yes there is a sub-culture of ne'er do well youngsters, but the SHERIFF turn's out to be a great support to my protagonist NORMAN. I need to be careful of that, because my own personal experience of Texans was that I was overwhelmed by their warmth, hospitality and good manners.
Overall they thought it was an original premise, so I'm going to stick with it. It's only the first
ten pages, and I wanted to know if from this first draft there was enough in there to engage an audience.
A useful evening and I'm grateful for their expert help.
I had Ushabti critiqued by a professional script reader who attends our group. She has encouraged me to approach theatre producers as she believes I would do well to pursue a career as a playwright.
Lots to think about. My dream would be to see my work performed. Give me some actors and give me an audience and the venue could be a scout hut and I would be happy.