Sunday, 25 May 2014

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Thank goodness for small mercies. I'm jetting off to warmer climes tomorrow. I've always said travelling is my best motivator and I'm hoping this holiday will be a productive and I come back with a bag full of words embedded on my hard drive.
I have been really busy this past month, and when I've not been busy I've been asleep, so all writing including my blog has been on the back burner,
Today I got another 5* review! this time on Goodreads: thanks Stuart 👍
My other reviews are on Amazon: and
When I have genuinely enjoyed a book I like to write a review. I know the impact a review can have on a writer. 
Tomorrow I'm going off on my holiday pumped and I can't wait to get writing. I will be revisiting the real Ephesus, so perhaps that will give me the inspiration I need to finish that project and get it out there.
Until then, if you want some light entertaining reading for the summer, try Henley's Ricotta and Ushabti. Links are on the right hand column of this blog.

I'm So Pumped.