Friday, 27 May 2011

Midnight At the Alhambra Opening scenes.

At last Midnight is underway. I have posted the first 10 pages. Please feel free to criticise.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Buenos dias from Mexico

Ola. Nothing inspires me to write more than travel. I'm a little too old to make my own way around the world backpacking. Besides I have bills to pay and need to keep my job. But even on a package I soak in the regional history while others soak in the sun.

I went to Chichen Itza which is home to one of the Seven New Wonders of the World. It wasn't a sight-seeing trip (you can see sights in books and the web). It was, for me, more of a sight-feeling trip.
Speaking to the Mayan indians and learning about the culture and the left me almost breathless. I will never claim to be an expert on the indiginous people of the Yucatan peninsular. Indeed I could spend several years at university studying the Mayans and still not achieve expert status. Perhaps expert status should be reserved for the Mayans.  But a little bit of Mayan has entered my soul. Now I can write from the heart.
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Monday, 9 May 2011

Another grand day out.

I have been on my travels again this weekend and this time I went to a TV screenwriters event at De Montfort  University Leicester. An excellent day with successful writers and producers giving us an insight on how to apply good structured  drama that suits the needs of today's broadcasting market.
The event was entitled 'Elements of Drama' with guest speakers covering the core elements of a drama series, the 'Drama Landscape' points towards the current commissioners and developing executives at the centre of drama commissioning, horror writing, and sit-com writing. With lunch and drinks available at the end of the day there was plenty of opportunity to network and speak to the people who know.
Watch out for this event next year. Its not to be missed I assure you.
I've had to put 'Midnight at the Alhambra' on the back burner for a while for two reasons.
The day job has been rather hectic lately, and I've written a final draft of Ushabti and submitted to an agent.
Only one agent? Yes well its a start.
I'm off on my hols this coming weekend for two weeks. I might just send this blog a postcard.