Friday, 15 March 2013

Ephesus Update

It has all been a bit quiet on my blog this month. My to-do app on my phone has had a positive effect on my output, although it has to be said mainly on my rest days from work. This particular project is perhaps turning out to be the most enjoyable for me. There are more elements to the plot than what there was in it's original script form. The characters are developing nicely, indeed my principle antagonist is much darker than he was in the original script. Today, I having completed my word target, so I have taken a break and designed my book cover. I took this photo whilst on a visit to Ephesus. See the photo and the original photo of the goddess Artemis below. In fact my main character Fairfax, meets his adversary Demetrius standing before this very statue. 
I have also entered a short story into a competition. It has been shortlisted before, but not published. This competition has a short list of 17, who all get published. If it does get shortlisted and published, then I will publish the story in full on this blog, just as soon as I am allowed.