Monday, 17 November 2014

100th Post

It's great to be back into my blogging again after a couple of months or more of absence without leave. For my 100th post I thought it was time for a makeover, so I've trimmed off a lot of the the side column, and got rid of the pages, to simplify everything and hopefully make the Screenscribbler blog quicker to load. I haven't got it just how I want it right now, and it may look more like a building site with all the holes left from the stuff I have removed. The background picture, I took in Ephesus on my camera and Photoshopped it to get the desired effect to promote my book of the same name. That will remain in place until I have a picture that will promote my current work in progress entitled Midnight At The Alhambra. 
It is my current work in progress that has kept me from blogging, because I really have the bit between my teeth on that one at the minute. It is set in Texas, and involves ranches, rodeo, a small town movie theater and murder!
I am well into my fourth chapter, of around 3000 words a chapter, and it is coming along nicely. 
I am going for a darker plot this time and it is my debut into crimewriting.
However, I have not abandoned comedy, which to quote the late great Irish comedian Frank Carson, "it's the way I tell 'em." In other words my comedy is in the narrative and the larger than life characters I tend to go for. I'm hoping this project won't take longer than a year, but it's not easy with a demanding full time job. 
I will continue to add my current reads, and review on Amazon and Goodreads, I just won't keep them on so long and clutter up the blog any longer. 
By the way, my five day promotion when I offered all three books for free resulted in 555 downloads from which I had four lovely reviews in Britain and two in the US. So if you would like to add to that total, I will be eternally grateful.