Tuesday, 15 April 2014

April In Paris

April In Paris was released the year I was born. Sixty years on I have made my first visit to Paris, in April :-) I don't think a lot will have changed over the last six decades, for that matter maybe not in the last couple of centuries. Fashion, technology and demographics, may have caused some superficial alterations, but the heart of the city lives and breathes history as if it happened yesterday, whether it be the Hundred Years War, The French Revolution, The First French Empire under the rule of Napoléon Bonaparte, or the Liberation of Paris in 1944.
History evokes emotions which evokes culture, where there is evidence of on what seems to be on every street corner, in their architecture, paintings, sculpture, the opera, fashion, cuisine, philosophy and literature, to name but a few of the many facets of this amazing city.
What I was totally unprepared for, was the Parisians who were warm, friendly, welcoming and helpful, not what you would expect from a capital city. I can't wait to return. Here are some of my photos I'll share. There is no need for further comment from me, the pictures speak for themselves.

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