Saturday, 1 October 2011

Back from our holiday.

This time we hired a villa as we just wanted to do things at our own pace. No hotel restaurant schedules to adhere to although we did go to a different restaurant every evening as you can see from the above picture of Mrs Scribble and myself.
When we did venture out in our hire car, we were eager to return to our villa, and relax in the garden by or in the pool.
My mission to rewrite Henley's Ricotta as a workable stage play was accomplished and I read four books. Top of my reading list was 'Comedy Rules: From the Cambridge Footlights to Yes Minister' by Jonathan Lynn. Jonathan warns that this is not so much a 'how to' book but more of a memoir. However, through reflecting on his own experiences to illustrate his 'rules' the reader gets to share some of his insight going back to the basic psychology of laughter in the human species.
Stephen King's 'On Writing' has a similar approach and I strongly recommend the audio version read by SK himself.
Completely chilled and relaxed. Back to reality next week when I return to work.

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