Sunday, 25 September 2011

Pre-posting from Portugal

I've got the idea from one of my followers to pre-set a posting in advance of my holiday. I've done what she did. (Thanks Deborah).

This is because we haven't got internet where we are staying. And what a blessing in disguise that will be.

No distraction on my laptop. Just pure unadulterated wordism, uninterrupted by Twitter, Facebook, BBC iPlayer, iTunes, eBay, Google, Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, Linkedin, Blogspot and Wordpress and many many more, the list goes on and on.

I remember reading an interview with JK Rowling. She played Minesweeper, and claims to have a wicked personal best score. Distraction in moderation I suppose his healthy.

It's amazing how often during a day we so easily say "I'll look it up on the net" or "I'll Google it." I do Google the strangest things when it comes to small detail in the stories I write. Mostly, my ideas for a story are conceived on holiday. I always make sure I have a guidebook but then will go to the library, or bookshop to add more depth to my new found knowledge.

Ushabti came about from a journey down the Nile. I visited the British Museum and The British Library whilst researching ancient Egyptian artefacts. The story is not weighed down by historical facts, indeed in reading it, there appears to be very little evidence that I have researched.

But I know different, as I believe as a result of my investigative studies, my narrative has more depth and is open to question. If I had not bothered to prepare, I would not have felt so comfortable writing it.

I think I'll uninstall my Solitaire before I go.

Catch you later ;-)