Saturday, 15 October 2011

Narrative and dialogue.

I'm thinking of writing some of my work as novels or novellas and self publishing through Amazon for the Kindle.
Good move? Bad move? I'm undecided.

And what about the POV? First, second or third person narrative? Past or present tense narrative?
I'm a dialogue addict and am prone to getting carried away with it, even for stage plays. What is an
acceptable proportion of dialogue in a book?
I could spend days or even weeks pondering over these questions. But I'm going to do it really soon and post some of it here. With luck, some of you critics out there will give me feedback. Positive or negative, its all good.
Screenscribbler has become more of a Screenwobbler and piled on the pounds, so I've joined a gym. An active body may produce an active mind. Induction tomorrow then its onwards and upwards.