Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy 2012

Happy New Year blog readers. 2012 is here and whatever you want from life you had better hurry up because according to the Mayans:

But fear not. Some of you may remember a post I sent direct from the Yucatan Peninsular last summer. I travelled to Chichen Itza to sort it out once and for all with the Mayans. 
They finally saw sense and agreed to call it off on 21.12.12. To be fair to them, they had been looking forward to total world destruction for 5200 years, so I had to let them have a little something. Instead they are going to align all the planets in the solar system, (something that happens every 26,000 years) and the Earth is going to tilt.
But don't panic, the Mayans have promised it is only going to be a little tilt. About a degree and a half. I'm not happy about it. It has taken over 10 years to get the Digital Switchover sorted not to mention what this will do to my Sky+HD dish.

Seriously, I wish anybody who reads this good health, fortune and happiness for 2012 and perhaps a dream or two come true x