Wednesday, 15 January 2014

More on the New Year

I have not consciously sat down and wrote myself a bunch of new years resolutions, or even one resolution. I'm too old to change and too old to be influenced by that old chestnut.
However, two weeks into 2014 and I haven't done badly at all.
Ephesus  is underway again. There was one transitionary point in the story that seemed to work okay in script form but I have been stuck on how to make it happen in novel/novella format. I have commenced a Creative Writing correspondence course which has increased my motivation tenfold. As part of this course it wants me to work on a current project so I picked up where I left off on Ephesus and it was as if the problem hadn't been there in the first place. Ephesus is back underway, and watch this space, it should be out soon.
My quest to have a short story winner continues, and I am attending a workshop in Cambridge on 25th of January.
Finally I have got my place at my 5th Get Writing Conference in Hatfield in March, where I will be attending four workshops, seminars and have a 5 minute pitch to a publisher/agent booked. More of that later.
If all of this had have been part of a plan stemming from New Years Resolutions, then how lucky we writers are. Most people resolve to do less of what they enjoy, like smokers giving up, foodies going on a diet etc., whilst writers resolve to do more.