Sunday, 16 February 2014

Romance, Sentiment and Magazines

If I was asked to describe my writing style I would say it is light-hearted, somewhat farcical, with an element of sentimentality thrown in for good measure.
I was given feedback from a short story competition last year and was advised that what I thought was a humorous look at the folly of youth turned had been judged as a love story and I was advised to consider submitting it to a woman's magazine. My work often finds itself involving a 'love interest' by natural occurrence as in Henley's Ricotta, Midnight At The Alhambra and Ushabti, but I'm writing about life and isn't that just the way of mankind?
Recently I attended a short story workshop, and whilst women's magazines are not exclusively set in the romance genre, I was again advised to submit to women's magazines as these magazines represent the majority of the short story market.
I argued that I whilst I would be very happy to send my work to women's magazines I would prefer to submit to magazines that I would purchase myself, but there aren't any are there? Perhaps online. In my youth I remember I progressed from comics like Boy's Own to American imports such as True Detective Stories and Amazing Stories.
I'm not entirely sure about the magazine market at all. I would like to self-publish an anthology of short stories or sell them singly for eBooks, but breaking into the magazine market, albeit gender specific to female market is not to be sneezed at.