Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I've Found My Voice

Ushabti is well underway. Click on the Ushabti tab if you would like to read the first chapter. I'm having so much fun writing Ushabti the novel/novella/booky-wook,(sorry Mr Brand, but you can hardly call two words, or one compound proper noun plagiarism).
In writing this first chapter I have found my narrator's voice. I don't know who the hell he is but it's not me. Analyze that.
Okay, I'll analyze it. My scripts are intended for a cast and a production team. These are the people who will deliver the goods. But now I find myself in the position of setting the scene myself and developing my skill as a performer, albeit on paper. Centre stage without the stage fright. Can't be bad.
The other difference for me is that my characterisation has to be sharper and I feel that I am gaining a much deeper understanding of my characters, their foibles and the relationships they have with each other.
So I'll borrow Russell Brand's title, 'Booky Wook,' because it suggests the affection I have for my characters right now.