Monday, 30 July 2012

Henley's Ricotta is now available on Amazon.

I've taken the plunge and put Henley's on Amazon Kindle. Henley's Ricotta is the first of three comic capers that I intend to publish. 
It's a saucy romp which is set in the fictitious seaside town of Porthmunster in South Wales where Henley and his wife Gloria run a bed and breakfast called the Hotel Oceana. Henley's world gets turned upside down by a mysterious guest, Mrs Fanelli. George, who lives in the Seaview B&B next door adds to the chaos. 
My next project will be to get Ushabti out there as soon as I can followed by Fairfax goes to Ephesus.
I hope I can contribute to generating a  renaissance of the humour genre whose popularity appears to have dwindled in recent years. For me there is a huge gap in the book market left by people such as Tom Sharpe whose books have been an inspiration to me. 
I see comedy as more of a style in my writing and secondary to story.
I hope you enjoy. If you haven't got a Kindle, you can download the free software for your PC and/or your mobile phone.

Please click on the link to purchase Henley's Ricotta

Please click here to purchase Henley's Ricotta