Friday, 23 March 2012

Wee Ghosties In Edinburgh

We have just got back from an amazing few days in Edinburgh, a fine city with good people who are proud of their heritage.
I had put together an itinerary of things to do, which ensured we did not have a dull moment whilst we were there.
We booked a 'Ghost Walk' for a bit of fun, and I think we chose well amongst the selection of various 'Walks' on offer in the medieval Old Town of Edinburgh.
Our guide, Jane, had us mesmerised, drawing us in closer to her whilst she spoke in a hushed conspiratorial manner, then blasted us out of her spell with an ear-splitting scream inserted just at the appropriate moment that required dramatic effect.
There was no way the dark alleyways with their gas-lamp style lighting would have enticed me to enter had I been on my own or even with Karen for company. But here we were listening to the most ghastly tales delivered in Jane's Scottish 'Horrible History' style, hoping that we might see 'something.'

We went to the underground 'Blair Street Vaults' beneath the Royal Mile where some of the vaults were illuminated by candle only. Here we heard the stories of the many ghostly encounters within the vaults we were standing in.  It would have been all too easy for the tour people to have set something fake up sufficient enough to satisfy the fear-craving we had when we first signed up for the walk. But no, nothing like that happened. The whole thing would have been ruined if they had. Nor did any of us have a ghostly encounter. I'm sure nobody in the group thought for one minute that there would be. It was for fun. Jane entertained us with stories based on fact. She even said she has not had a close encounter with any kind herself, but she knew quite a few people who had.
If you are thinking of going to Edinburgh and have not done the ghost walk, I recommend that you do. I don't want to spoil it for anyone by telling some of the stories, but believe me the stories are worth it.
 As a writer, I appreciated that Jane's delivery was story telling at its best. To capture an audience in the way she did was something I have great admiration for.
As for the ghosties? I have never had a brush with the paranormal, but have no reason to doubt people who say they have.
Truth is I want to believe.