Sunday, 24 February 2013

To Do Lists

I am writing a new post for my blog because it is on my 'To Do' list. My phone seems to affect most areas of my life these days, with emails, messages and the occasional Tweet or FB notification, I thought I could channel some of my phone's energy into getting me to sit down and write.
The app has actually emailed me today, to write my blogpost and write 500 words or more of my book.

This app which I downloaded free, will not lie down and sit in the background. It even asked me if I wanted to go 'Premium,' at a cost of £26 per year! What the hell will the paid up version that costs two quid a week do to me, in order to get me to write? Taser me?

Motivation is not the issue. I love writing, I want to write, I will write and I do write. A full time job is not an issue, I haven't done so bad over the past few years.

Writing at home is the real issue. Home is full of animal, vegetable and mineral distractions. I could do what Roald Dahl did and retreat to my garden shed, but even if I removed the lawnmower, two bicycles and a step ladder out in order to step into the shed, I run the risk of toppling a jar of paintbrush cleaner with brushes that were left to soak about two years ago.

However, I think the free To Do List will be sufficient to maintain a steady output of 500 words per day, for now.