Saturday, 29 September 2012

Back home from Menorca.

There is just enough time for me to post a second post for this month as I've just returned from a thoroughly relaxing time in Menorca. Relaxing it may have been, but I also had routine. In between, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and an archery session each morning and shooting session in the afternoon, I managed to find enough time to complete my first draft of 'Ushabti' in novella form.
Add to this, a reading list of Mark Billingham, Peter James, Ken Follett, Louise Voss and Mark Edwards, and a John Connelly selection of short stories.
I've not finished John Connelly's 'Nocturnes,' but when I have I will write a review for John, a nicer chap you couldn't wish to meet. Louise and Mark Edwards have been an inspiration for me, as successful indie writers who landed a deal with Harper Collins. Having read their debut novel 'Catch Your Death,' it's easy to see why. I've also got a signed copy of their second novel, 'Killing Cupid,' to read, and was kicking myself that I hadn't took that one on holiday too. So that's more reviews to write. I took standalone novels by Peter James, 'Possession' and also one from Mark Billingham, 'Rush of Blood.' They both have their own detective series, which I do enjoy, but I must confess, I think they are better when they take a break from their usual characters and venture into the standalone arena. Ken Follet's book 'Eye of the Needle' was written in 1978, when he was still in his 20's. This for me was the most well written which was plot driven, based on fact with Hitler and Churchill amongst the many characters in the book.
As for archery and shooting, you made me captain of the 'Ugly' team against the 'Beautiful Team,' Giovanni, (I hope you're reading this), but the 'Ugly' team had a beautiful win and were ugly no more.

Coming Soon
'Ushabti' goes on the back burner for a few weeks, before the first edit, and in the meantime, I have a short story with a working title called 'Date,' which changed to 'The Last Waltz Should Last Forever,' which needs another edit, and a resubmission to 'Writer's Forum' magazine. If it doesn't make it this time, I'll try other magazines. I'd love to publish it on my blog, but some competitions would disqualify me for that, but should it get published in a magazine I will then post the link on this blog.