Saturday, 11 June 2011

Two rejections in one week.

Ushabti came back from an agent this week and Fairfax came back from the Beeb. I did however receive positive feedback and really useful criticism from both the agent and the BBC, so I'm not unhappy at all.

I'm going to adapt Ushabti for the theatre. One director has already seen the script and thinks it would work on the stage. It will mean my script will have a number 1 haircut, so that I would only need one set and three actors. I want to adapt Henley's Ricotta as a stage play too and again that would be one set and three actors.

Fairfax, also needs a rewrite, perhaps a little less clich├ęd and exposition, but I still maintain it would be best as a radio play. I will have a look what's going out on Radio 7 and find producers to target.

Midnight is just a project which will have to go on the back burner for now. With the feedback I have been given, I would be foolish not to put it to  good use.

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